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The Magento PWA Landscape

167e3044ed845338afdf5cc3446f5b17?s=47 Tom Robertshaw
February 21, 2018

The Magento PWA Landscape

2017 saw us introduced to the concept of PWA. 2018 is going to be the year of early adopters. What solutions are Magento and the community building and how do we prepare ourselves for this revolution.

Given at the London Magento Meetup on 21st February 2018


Tom Robertshaw

February 21, 2018


  1. PWA Landscape TOM ROBERTSHAW Ecommerce Evangelist at Space 48 @bobbyshaw

  2. Slack is the bane of my life

  3. None
  4. “Online” is a lie

  5. “You are now connected to the Wifi” (Also a lie)

  6. So what’s the aim of PWA • Fast perceived load

    time • Consistent, smooth experience • Regardless of network conditions • Primed for re-use
  7. Service Worker • Background JavaScript that runs even when offline

    • Provides features like: ◦ Intercept network requests and cache. ◦ Push Notifications ◦ Background Sync
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  10. Time for Single Page Applications

  11. None
  12. Single Page Applications • Single page load, dynamically load with

    JS • Separating application structure from content
  13. Headless • Makes system sense. • Systems that change at

    different rates should be decoupled
  14. But Magento.

  15. Magento PWA Studio • Super excited about Magento • Growing

    an impressive & experienced frontend team. • React Ecosystem • Aim to release tooling this year • Longer term, alternative to Magento frontend
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  21. Spacebunny

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  24. Evaluate your options • In-house development skill sets • Flexibility

    when moving agency • Extension integration time • Long-term success of the project • Importance for your brand to be on the cutting edge
  25. No mean feat • Some very successful projects • Intense

    focus on performance • More complicated than ever • But it’s never been more exciting
  26. Frontend Monitoring Tools • Sentry.io • New Relic Browser

  27. Free stuff!

  28. fourpintsin.com

  29. space48.com/pwa-guide tom@space48.com