Pricing Websites & Design for Profit

04cffb2b35b3a1c53f6495554a5697cf?s=47 Brad Weaver
March 20, 2015

Pricing Websites & Design for Profit

It's time to take control.
Pricing your client work for profit isn’t a guessing game.
The purpose of this workshop is to dig into the nuts and bolts of pricing your work for long-term sustainability.
Profit, growth, and freedom won’t come cheap, but there are ways to make it happen faster. You can get a handle on revisions, managing freelancers and employees, and the crazy cycle of proposals and portfolios.
This is a hands-on workshop made specifically for creative business owners or freelancers. Together, we will look at specific ways to tackle pricing and profit in your business. We'll have open discussions about rates, prices, and profit using actual projects. You’ll walk away with real numbers and tools to use in your business to get control of your pricing strategy the very same day.


Brad Weaver

March 20, 2015


  1. Pricing for Profit. How to do great work without losing

    your shirt and soul
  2. Hello. Obligatory Greetings.

  3. Brad Weaver Director of Design–Nine Labs.

  4. What we’ll cover. • The Money Discussion • How to

    Calculate Pricing • Rates & Examples • Quality & Profitability • Core Practices • 7 Pricing Models • Profit • Getting Better Work Out of Existing Clients • Negotiation • Proposals, RFPs, & Discovery • Contracts • Invoicing & Collections • Freelancers & Contractors • Resources & Tools
  5. Who are you? and what do you do?

  6. What do you expect?

  7. Your challenges

  8. Money is uncomfortable.

  9. “Money taps into our deepest emotions and symbolizes what we

    fear, hope for, and desire in life.” -Mikelann Valterra
  10. Professional (n). a person engaged in a specified activity as

    one’s main paid occupation rather than a pastime.
  11. Clients want to talk about money … they just don’t

    know how.
  12. How much is a website? or App, Logo, Photoshoot, Brochure,

  13. We can educate clients to ask a better question…

  14. How much do you charge? The better question.

  15. There is a formula Yay!

  16. (expenses + profit) ÷ hours = rate

  17. (expenses + profit) ÷ hours = rate

  18. (expenses + profit) ÷ hours = rate

  19. (expenses + profit) ÷ hours = rate

  20. (expenses + profit) ÷ hours = rate

  21. (expenses + profit) ÷ hours = rate

  22. Market Rates Who, What, Where, When, How

  23. It’s not that simple. If it were, we wouldn’t be

  24. My rates Where I am, how I got there, and

    where I’m going.
  25. Your rates Care to share?

  26. Quality Profitability, value, and the added benefits.

  27. Avoid Emotional Pricing Your gut is not a calculator.

  28. Core Practices Putting the “fun” in fundamentals.

  29. 1 Track Your Time

  30. 2 Log Communications

  31. 3 Get a Contract & Deposit

  32. 4 Define Scope in Writing

  33. 5 Invoice on Time

  34. 6 Set Boundaries

  35. 7 Review Immediately

  36. 8 Manage Your Money

  37. Break

  38. Pricing for Profit. How to do great work without losing

    your shirt and soul
  39. How much do you charge? The better question.

  40. 7 Pricing Models Hourly Billing Flat Project Pricing Package Pricing

    Value-Based Pricing Time-based Retainers Value-based Retainers Equity Pricing
  41. Hourly Billing Hours out, dollars in.

  42. Flat Project Pricing Fixed Fees for fixed deliverables.

  43. Package Pricing Publicly defined costs for tangible services.

  44. Value-Based Pricing Getting paid what you’re worth, not what you

  45. I take less time to get to a solution. Getting

    it done right without watching the clock.
  46. Time-based Retainers Hours out, dollars in… but guaranteed.

  47. Value-based Retainers Now we’re cooking.

  48. *Retainer Agreements A critical caveat.

  49. Equity or Ownership Risk for future reward.

  50. Which is best and when? There’s no such thing as

    one size fits all.
  51. Strategy/Consulting Design Front-end dev (HTML, CSS, JS) Template projects One-off

    components Flat/Value Pricing
  52. Complex dev Team contributions Repairs/maintenance Small strategy, consulting, UX Hourly

  53. Strategy, consulting, UX Repetitive/Cyclical creative Sites that require routine maintenance

    Content Strategy/Writing Time-based Retainer
  54. IA/UX Campaigns Branding Content Strategy Value-based Retainer

  55. Break

  56. Pricing for Profit. How to do great work without losing

    your shirt and soul
  57. Profit It comes from many directions.

  58. Raising your Prices You can do it!

  59. Work vs. Clients There’s a very big difference.

  60. Negotiation Knock out the ballpark.

  61. RFPs eye roll.

  62. Proposals deep sigh.

  63. Discovery happy dance.

  64. Contracts & MSAs Protect yo neck.

  65. Project Questionnaires Keep out the riff raff.

  66. Invoicing 50/50 is for coin flips and fries with onion

  67. Freelancers & Contractors Managing those whom you can’t really manage.

  68. Collections It can happen to anyone.

  69. Resources Get a bigger bookshelf (or iPad).

  70. • Creative Professionals Guide to Money -Ilise Benun • Design

    Is A Job - Mike Monteiro • Freelancer’s Bible - Sara Horowitz • Double Your Freelancing Rate in 14 Days - Brennan Dunn • Rework - 37signals • The Hidden Agendas: A Proven Way to Win Business & Create a Following - Kevin Allen • Web Design Confidential - Amanda Hackwith • The Real Business of Web Design - John Waters • The Business Side of Creativity - Cameron Foote • How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul - Adrian Shaughnessy
  71. Tools Get more efficient.

  72. • 99u • Freelancer’s Union • Creative Mornings • Marketing

    Mentor • How Design • International Freelancer’s Academy • Business of Freelancing (Podcast)
  73. • Harvest, Freshbooks, Solo • Timely, Freckle • 10,000 Ft.

    • Rescue Time, Slife • Basecamp, Trello, Asana • Hipchat, Slack, Campfire • Ballpark, Bidsketch
  74. Q&A

  75. Pricing for Profit. How to do great work without losing

    your shirt and soul