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Better experience design

February 19, 2012

Better experience design

A presentation I did a few years ago to my colleagues at Digital Eskimo about some of the top things that have helped me become a better user experience designer.


February 19, 2012

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  1. Better experience design. Five things that influenced my approach to

    user experience design this year. by Diana Mounter #1
  2. User flows Helps you walk through the pathways a user

    might take... “What do they need to get to their destination?” 2. user flows #6
  3. 3. making mistakes impossible #9 Making mistakes impossible By Matt

    Legend Gemmell “We cannot completely eliminate error, but we can (and should) try...”
  4. Regret 3. making mistakes impossible #13 “I meant to, but

    then I changed my mind... How do I undo?”
  5. Defensive design (a book by 37 signals) Things do go

    wrong so provide help at crisis points 4. defensive design #13
  6. 4. defensive design #14 - make it obvious - use

    familiar language - provide clear instructions - eliminate obstacles - deliver smart search assistance
  7. Prototyping sketching, user flows, design defensively, and preventing user mistakes

    all come into play during prototyping 5. prototyping #16
  8. 5. prototyping #18 “you only know how to design a

    service when it is being used”