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Empowering Designers to Code

November 04, 2015

Empowering Designers to Code

If you're a designer who wants to code, you can learn a lot from online tutorials, side-projects, and contributing to Open Source. However, unless you get to work on something with a significant user base, you're unlikely to get exposed to the experiences that will help you write production-level code. For most designers the best way to learn serious front-end development is on the job. Many companies want to attract designer-coders, but they need to back this up with a culture that embraces them, and supports designers with training, tooling, and documentation. In this talk you’ll learn how you and your team can build a designer-friendly coding environment to improve design workflows, team collaboration, and product design decisions.


November 04, 2015

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  1. My boss didn’t know what I was doing and just

    wanted the website built (for free) Started at Etsy
  2. Setup dev environment? Git commit what?! How to push O_o

    Where is all the code? How to run tests?
  3. Designers who could code,
 but don’t as part of their

    job Companies want designers who can code
  4. To deploy you have to: Install text editor Setup aliases

    in terminal Virtual Machine Authenticate SSH keys with GitHub Setup Bash files Know how to run tests Know the IRC commands for deploying
  5. ? D E P L O Y I N G

    The first push program demystifies the process. Anyone can push code, given the right support.