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Responding to change

October 03, 2014

Responding to change

Slides for Agile Asbury 2014 conference.

The hardest thing to get right in any company is building a healthy work environment, and maintaining it as a company grows and faces new challenges. As a product designer and project manager I've often found myself in the position of the facilitator—encouraging team collaboration and helping keep that collaboration. This means adapting as change happens, and evolving a process that helps us recognize when change is needed. At Etsy this doesn't just mean retrospectives, it filters into many aspects of the workflow. This talk covers what's important to build and maintain a healthy product work environment.


October 03, 2014

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  1. Responding to Change

  2. Hi! I’m Diana, or I’m Broccolini on most of the

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  7. Made by real people.

  8. www.robotodex.com

  9. www.soundsradcakes.com

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  11. Responding to Change

  12. Embracing Change

  13. Iterate on process

  14. Why we like to iterate

  15. Assumes we’re right. Design Develop Measure

  16. Allows you to review and adapt. ␡ ✓ ✓

  17. This goes for our process too

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  19. 30 Million Members

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  21. The design team

  22. Don’t make change a surprise

  23. Share often

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  26. Talk to people

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  29. It’s just better

  30. Video archive Data insights Switching to SASS Research report Styleguide

    update Y’All Hands Architecture Review
  31. Talk to other teams.

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  33. Change together

  34. Segregation is the enemy of collaboration

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  36. Jump at chances that help you understand 
 each others

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  39. We don’t silo our process.

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  41. Free to make change

  42. ! “A lot of companies pride themselves on openly failing

    and iterating on their products. 
 So few allow their people to do so with their careers.” ! Cap Watkins
  43. The blameless post-mortem

  44. ! “ It occurred to me that the “blameless” part

 of a post-mortem doesn’t just mean that you shouldn’t blame those around you for what happened. I was blaming myself. ” ! Jessica Harllee
  45. Sometimes change is a surprise

  46. Be open and transparent with your team

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  49. Embrace change Healthy workplace

  50. Thanks :) Diana Mounter @broccolini