Secrets of Being Highly Productive: Slack

Secrets of Being Highly Productive: Slack

I talked about Slack and how we're using it at Skokie Public Library to make communication better.


Brodie Austin

March 18, 2016


  1. Secrets to Being Highly Productive Brodie Austin, Skokie Public Library

  2. Slack

  3. A communication tool for teams.

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  7. None
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  9. Started by Stewart Butterfield, one of the creators of Flickr.

    "Stewart Butterfield, WSJ 2015 Innovator's Award Video"
  10. “That’s why what we’re selling is organizational transformation.”

  11. “Its 1.25 million users now include employee teams at Samsung,

    eBay, Pinterest, Deloitte, Harvard University, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the U.S. Department of State.” work-1446689564
  12. How we use it

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  18. Other uses for Slack

  19. Online Communities

  20. Conferences & Events 2015/9/18/9349425/slack-future-of- conferences-xoxo-festival

  21. Learning Platform 2016-03-04-could-slack-be-the-next- online-learning-platform

  22. Controversy

  23. Slack, I'm Breaking Up With You

  24. "You’re splitting my attention into a thousand tiny pieces"

  25. So, what are your options?

  26. Don't use it!

  27. Use it with specific teams.

  28. Know why you're using it and use it consistently.

  29. Thank you!