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Consultation Board

Consultation Board

Camden Centre for Learning



July 18, 2013

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  1. Camden Centre for Learning “When it comes to historic school

    buildings, Constructive Conservation is the philosophy that English Heritage believes should guide refurbishment projects. This approach means being positive about the adaptation of historic buildings where it is sensible to do so, in turn meaning that the building can continue to accommodate new uses and equipment and enable modern teaching methods. Such an approach ensures that the inspirational surroundings offered by historic school buildings are not denied to future generations of students, while also reusing finite resources in the interests of sustainability and value for money.” Successful school refurbishment case studies, September 2011 English Heritage Agincourt Site History: • The Fleet Road site was purchased in November 1877 by the London School Board for a public elementary school with an initial planned intake of 800, which was changed to 1,200 due to the rapid population increase. It opened in 1879. It was located on the site of the current Fleet School. • Due to continued rising pupil numbers the adjacent Agincourt Road site was bought in November 1882 and opened as a junior mixed school in January 1884. The remaining parts of this are now the Agincourt School and the subject of this report. • The infants building was opened in 1890. Only one chimney of this remains. It is attached to the Block B out building. • Because of its high attainment and fame for choir singing, Fleet Road School was known as the Eton of the London Board Schools. • In the 1960s the senior and junior buildings were demolished and a replacement building constructed, designed by Steven Gardinar and Christopher Knights, finishing in January 1969. • In 1953 Robert Matthew, as head of Camden’s Council Architects, made alterations to Agincourt to become a House Craft Centre. It was also used as Fleet Educational Centre, a cookery school and a manual training centre through the subsequent years. • The site has historically been used for educational purposes so there is no required change of planning use class. • There is significant street presence and potential to celebrate the Victorian elevation facing Agincourt Road. Chalcot Site History: • Chalcot is an Edwardian school built between 1896 and 1916. It was extended shortly after construction with additional classrooms, hall extension and balcony. Then in around 2002 it was further extended with new specialist classrooms, a new entrance area and the balcony was enclosed for new WCs. • The buildings were originally called Harmood Street School. It then became Harmood Street Boys Secondary. It was renamed as Chalcot School in the 1960s. The site has always been used as a school. • 5-10 years ago the original windows were replaced with double-glazed sliding sash windows and large metal security grills were fitted at the same time. 1910 1960 1910 1970 ) 10 59 20 52 PH Holy Trinity C of E Primary 2 16 39 49 60 56 68 64 54 42 36 66 74 56 69 79 87 1 to 62 34 57 76 31 39 Powlett Pl LEW H A D STREET H ROVE T PLACE HADLEY STREET 0 0 0 RA = GIA = GEA = Block Re = RA = G A = GEA = Block Re = RA = GIA = GEA = B ock Re = S sset Re = 0 0 RA = GIA = GEA = B ock Re = 00 0 0 0 0 0 00 MUGA Main School Building Entrance Block Main Entrance Emergency Access EXISTING TREE SITE ENTRANCE BUILDING ENTRANCE TRAIN L NE KEY PARKING 1a 63 53 Station Go Me Ambulance C 2 67 Ch Go 69 Ambulance Station 76 El Sub Sta h tag 66 56 Fleet Primary Sc Me 20 D W S R AGINCO Main Ent ance Main School Building Vehicular Access Substation Main Entrance EXISTING TREE SITE ENTRANCE BUILDING ENTRANCE BUS STOP KEY THREE STOREY WALL TO AMBULANCE STATION SHARED MUGA FLEET PRIMARY SCHOOL PARKING RESIDENTS PERMIT PARKING Chalcot Site Location: Agincourt Site Location: Original entrance to school 1941 bomb to Fleet Road School 2002 extension showing bricked up windows. Lesson at Fleet Road School North North
  2. Camden Centre for Learning H-1250 54 t n V t

    s k 28 4 0 417 14 32 t t y t t y e t Existing Plans: Proposed Plans: Existing Building- First Floor Plan Proposed Building- First Floor Plan Existing Building- Ground Floor Plan Existing Building- Ground Floor Plan Proposed Building- Ground Floor Plan Proposed Building- Ground Floor Plan Proposed Building- First Floor Plan Chalcot School Agincou t House oor Plans H 300 H-250 t n u V t s rs Flo r sket sed Floor Plans 7 2 s . 51 sq 527 sq e H-1250 Cyc e C P r n Electrical Substation A Min - c Covered nt Cyc e e ter yc e e ter H-1250 utdoor oc a / ay Areas tr n E c V it r x g Ve icu ar Access Ma ntained Electrical Substation Key New Build Remodel North North North North
  3. Camden Centre for Learning Precedents: Massing and Design Approach: St

    Luke’s Primary School- Shared resource hub Architype St Luke’s Primary School- Hall Architype Robert Fitzroy Academy- Reception hall Architype Kentish Town Health Centre- Supergraphics AHMM Oak Meadow Primary School Architype Stockwell Centre Architype Blakenhall Community Centre Architype Ian Mikardo SEN School HLM Architects Rectory Grove Architype The Camden Centre for Learning (CCfL) will be an integrated service for secondary aged students whose primary need is their social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD). It will provide for girls and boys, with or without statements of SEN. It will offer a new and more flexible way of delivering the curriculum for students who require specialist provision, so that their needs are met in settings as close as possible to mainstream. CCfL Background April 2012 Two storey extension set back from streetscape Classrooms in new build to provide better quality air and light Improved streetscape with new gates Re-defined identity and entrance to school Larger entrance with distinct family area External area divided into different social/play zones one-to-on e breakout spaces pu pil social areas celebration of stud ent artwork Agincourt House Chalcot School
  4. Camden Centre for Learning Site and Landscape: External gym Enclosures,

    American School Katy Staton Amphitheatre Stage, Ian Mikardo School Seating sketches, previous school projects Katy Staton Chalcot Aerial View Pod seating Pod seating, Acland Burghley Agincourt Aerial View Well designed seating Metal gate, Heather Burrell Outdoor table tennis Concepts: • To create student friendly spaces and a student centred atmosphere across the sites. • To provide engaging outdoor learning environments with covered areas to allow year-round outdoor use. • To enable clear and logical circulation around the site. • To maximise the small site areas by creating different zones within the landscape. •To incorporate student’s ideas and artwork into the scheme. • To dedicate quieter areas for students to use as break out spaces. • To include diverse seating areas.