The Voice of Code - COSCUP 2018

7490b4e3e9cb85a1f7dc0c8ea01a86e5?s=47 Yo-An Lin
August 12, 2018

The Voice of Code - COSCUP 2018

Nowadays, the screen readers are used for the blind people to read the text on the screen. The speech speed of the screen reader is usually incredibly fast, and it reads almost everything on the screen. Also, the generated speech is not so friendly for the users.

However, it's important for people to quickly get the meaningful summary of the current source code navigation, even for people with average eye-sight.

This talk introduces you the design of the navigation assistant, and the technical implementation details of the tool.

The assistant is implemented in Go, and its language parser is used to generate a short comprehensive summary, and the text will be converted to voice speech to improve your source code navigation experience.


Yo-An Lin

August 12, 2018