Climate change and the tech community

Be13d7aa8512cf2b2068047f0006f8a5?s=47 Callum Macrae
February 20, 2020

Climate change and the tech community


Callum Macrae

February 20, 2020


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    Photo: Quarry Photography List of natural disasters made worse by

    climate change:
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    CO2 emissions by year: 40 year delay between emissions

    and warming:
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    Photo: GNU Data centre power usage: Country power

    usage: More than aviation industry:
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    @climateActTech @techworkersco @Fridays4future @StrikeClimate @Strike4Youth @NLRebellion @MaryHeglar @JeromeFosterII @Tamaraity @bethsawin

    @BrownGirl_Green @AyishaSiddiqa12 Further reading: “How to choose a green web host”: “17 ways to make your website more energy efficient”: