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Pathful Pitch Deck

Pathful Pitch Deck


Campbell Macdonald

March 18, 2014


  1. campbell@pathful.com Make your funnel convert PATHFUL

  2. Pathful shows marketers exactly where their team can make changes

    to improve website conversion. ! We point out the holes where websites are losing customers so that they make more money.
  3. Why is Pathful different? Pathful Has More Data ! Pathful

    captures all visitor interactions on a website, including mobile gestures like touch, pinch & zoom. Instead of providing charts and graphs, Pathful pulls out actionable insights for marketers to improve conversion. Validated on over 100 sites, Pathful has a lightweight website behavior capture script which feeds into our proprietary data analysis stack. Pathful uses machine learning to extract hard to find relationships in the data.
  4. Target Customer Base: Conversion Matters Primary Target Market: High Margin

    LTV with Focus on CAC • SaaS : $14.5 B market (Gartner) • Online Lead Generation : $26 B (US only: MVF Global)
 Secondary Target Market: Focus on Engagement & Retention to Conversion • Content Marketing : $44 B • E-commerce: $262 B (Forrester)
  5. A/B testing is growing transactions continue to migrate online, conversion

    becomes key metrics to optimize
  6. SEO & SEM are both still huge But… ! SEO

    is a hard, moving target • Google is changing the rules (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird…) ! SEM is fully arbitraged in competitive markets • CPC is bid up to LTV conversion rate optimization gives leverage to seo and sem
  7. Problem: Existing Conversion Tools don’t tell you what to do

    User Tracking Publish Web Analytics A/B Test Analyze CMS Best Practices & Guesswork Lots of work + Mediocre results = Pain
  8. Solution: See Which Content to A/B test

  9. Solution: Identify High Value Content and Segments

  10. Solution: Complex, Powerful, Actionable Insights

  11. SaaS Business Model Monthly Subscription • Starts at $450 per

    month (1 goal & 5M page views) • Extra charge for more goals and more traffic • Enterprise pricing ~$3-10K/month
 Opportunity • Premium services for integrations (e.g. Salesforce, Google Ad Words & API) • Lower pricing for Content Marketing & Ecommerce Platforms
  12. Customer Acquisition Customers Late Stage Pipeline Distribution/Targeting Secondary Tools

  13. Pathful Snapshot Founding Team Boris Lau - CTO • Big

    Data & Full Stack Dev • Ex Sophos Campbell Macdonald - CEO • Tech Marketer • Ex BuildDirect & Home Depot Advisors Investors Howard Tullman • Managing Dir at G2T3V • Exec Dir at 1871 • ex CEO tunes.com Troy Henikoff • Founder - SurePayroll • MD Techstars Sam Yagan • Founder - OK Cupid • CEO - match.com
  14. Roadmap Customers 0 40 80 120 160 Q2 2014 Q3

    2014 Q4 2014 Q1 2015 Q2 2015 UI/UX Dev Inside Sales Account Success Inbound Direct Sales US Google Analytics Integration Scale Sales Adobe Integration $100K/mo Build out ARPU Hubspot Integration Content Marketing
  15. Pathful Driving huge, long term value to web properties !

    Dramatically lowering cost of customer acquisition ! Prioritizing business decisions ! Giving businesses real competitive advantage
  16. campbell@pathful.com Make your funnel convert PATHFUL