Pathful Pitch Deck

Pathful Pitch Deck


Campbell Macdonald

March 18, 2014


  1. Make your funnel convert PATHFUL

  2. Pathful shows marketers exactly where their team can make changes

    to improve website conversion. ! We point out the holes where websites are losing customers so that they make more money.
  3. Why is Pathful different? Pathful Has More Data ! Pathful

    captures all visitor interactions on a website, including mobile gestures like touch, pinch & zoom. Instead of providing charts and graphs, Pathful pulls out actionable insights for marketers to improve conversion. Validated on over 100 sites, Pathful has a lightweight website behavior capture script which feeds into our proprietary data analysis stack. Pathful uses machine learning to extract hard to find relationships in the data.
  4. Target Customer Base: Conversion Matters Primary Target Market: High Margin

    LTV with Focus on CAC • SaaS : $14.5 B market (Gartner) • Online Lead Generation : $26 B (US only: MVF Global)
 Secondary Target Market: Focus on Engagement & Retention to Conversion • Content Marketing : $44 B • E-commerce: $262 B (Forrester)
  5. A/B testing is growing transactions continue to migrate online, conversion

    becomes key metrics to optimize
  6. SEO & SEM are both still huge But… ! SEO

    is a hard, moving target • Google is changing the rules (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird…) ! SEM is fully arbitraged in competitive markets • CPC is bid up to LTV conversion rate optimization gives leverage to seo and sem
  7. Problem: Existing Conversion Tools don’t tell you what to do

    User Tracking Publish Web Analytics A/B Test Analyze CMS Best Practices & Guesswork Lots of work + Mediocre results = Pain
  8. Solution: See Which Content to A/B test

  9. Solution: Identify High Value Content and Segments

  10. Solution: Complex, Powerful, Actionable Insights

  11. SaaS Business Model Monthly Subscription • Starts at $450 per

    month (1 goal & 5M page views) • Extra charge for more goals and more traffic • Enterprise pricing ~$3-10K/month
 Opportunity • Premium services for integrations (e.g. Salesforce, Google Ad Words & API) • Lower pricing for Content Marketing & Ecommerce Platforms
  12. Customer Acquisition Customers Late Stage Pipeline Distribution/Targeting Secondary Tools

  13. Pathful Snapshot Founding Team Boris Lau - CTO • Big

    Data & Full Stack Dev • Ex Sophos Campbell Macdonald - CEO • Tech Marketer • Ex BuildDirect & Home Depot Advisors Investors Howard Tullman • Managing Dir at G2T3V • Exec Dir at 1871 • ex CEO Troy Henikoff • Founder - SurePayroll • MD Techstars Sam Yagan • Founder - OK Cupid • CEO -
  14. Roadmap Customers 0 40 80 120 160 Q2 2014 Q3

    2014 Q4 2014 Q1 2015 Q2 2015 UI/UX Dev Inside Sales Account Success Inbound Direct Sales US Google Analytics Integration Scale Sales Adobe Integration $100K/mo Build out ARPU Hubspot Integration Content Marketing
  15. Pathful Driving huge, long term value to web properties !

    Dramatically lowering cost of customer acquisition ! Prioritizing business decisions ! Giving businesses real competitive advantage
  16. Make your funnel convert PATHFUL