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Rise of Open Source Programs

Rise of Open Source Programs

Keynote given at Open Source Summit Paris 2016

Chris Aniszczyk

November 17, 2016

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  1. ÉDITION 2016 | 16&17 NOVEMBRE #OSSPARIS16 Rise of Open Source

    Programs Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) COO, CNCF.io
  2. #OSSPARIS16 • Trends in the Industry / Open Source •

    Rise of Open Source Programs • Introducing the TODO Group • The Linux Foundation Way • Concluding Thoughts / Q&A Agenda
  3. #OSSPARIS16 • Every company is becoming a software company and

    must now understand software in order to survive! (“software is eating the world”) • Advances will come out of companies you don’t think of as tech: autos, airlines, medical etc... http://fortune.com/2016/04/07/toyota-ai-robotics-cars/ http://aicenter.stanford.edu/ http://www.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304450904579369283869192124 https://www.polarsys.org/airbus Trend: Software is Eating the World
  4. #OSSPARIS16 • “78% of companies are using open source… 63%

    are participating… ” (https://www.blackducksoftware.com/future-of-open-source) Trend: Open Source is Eating the World http://www4.mercedes-benz.com/manual-cars/ba/foss/content/en/assets/FOSS_licences.pdf iOS: General->About->Legal->Legal Notices https://www.tesla.com/blog/all-our-patent-are-belong-you
  5. #OSSPARIS16 • More services/things are being connected to to the

    internet and generating data that will help companies optimize their business:http://www.kpcb.com/blog/2016-internet-trends-report • Cost to store data is getting much cheaper Trend: Data Growth is Rising
  6. #OSSPARIS16 • Software is a means to an end for

    internet/web scale companies – Google, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, etc… • Google: Kubernetes, Tensorflow • Facebook: OpenCompute, HHVM, OpenCellular • Twitter: Mesos/Aurora/Parquet/Heron • Netflix: NetflixOSS Suite (https://netflix.github.io/) Trend: Web Scale Companies Open Up
  7. #OSSPARIS16 • Over time, infrastructure has moved from single-vendor closed

    ecosystems to multiple cross-vendor open ecosystems • Infrastructure is one example, happening in other areas too! Trend: Closed to Open Ecosystems Containers Cloud Native Open Source IaaS PaaS Open Source PaaS Virtualiza- tion 2000 2001 2006 2009 2010 2011 Non- Virtualized Hardware 2013 2015 IaaS
  8. #OSSPARIS16 • Companies are using open source aggressively to set

    industry direction... • Open source is forcing companies to compete faster… see AI... • AI and Automation will evolve fast over the next several years and affect everything Trend: AI + Open Source Competition https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-07-21/google-sprints-ahead-in-ai-building-blocks-leaving-rivals-war y
  9. #OSSPARIS16 • every company is re-imagining itself as a software

    company to evolve and survive • theory: companies will become more like “internet/web scale” companies to adapt over time! (think Google, Facebook, Netflix) What do these trends mean?
  10. #OSSPARIS16 • Google: https://developers.google.com/open-source/ – “…tasked with maintaining a healthy

    relationship with the open source software development community" • Facebook: https://code.facebook.com/opensource – “…we’re keen users and publishers of open software. We'll keep you up-to-date with our new projects…” • Intel: https://01.org/ (“…international team dedicated to working within open communities.”) • Samsung: http://commit101.org/ – “The Open Source Group was formed in 2013 to do the following: Help guide the company in effective consumption, collaboration, and development of open source software. Provide advocacy on behalf of Samsung in external open source communities…. • Sandisk (Western Digital): https://opensource.sandisk.com – “…committed to open source and open standards through open source based innovation, contributions and memberships in consortia that support and nurture rapid innovation.” Trend: Companies + OS Programs
  11. #OSSPARIS16 • Box: http://opensource.box.com/ & http://todogroup.org/blog/creating-an-open-source-office-box/ – “we give back

    to the open source community whenever possible, by contributing code to outside projects and sharing projects that we've developed internally” • Dropbox: https://opensource.dropbox.com/ – “Dropbox loves open source! We participate in the open source community by using open source software internally and open sourcing our own projects” • Uber: https://uber.github.io/ – “Uber loves open source and contributing to the open source community” • GitHub: http://todogroup.org/blog/why-we-run-an-open-source-program-github • Twitter: http://todogroup.org/blog/why-we-run-an-open-source-program-twitter/ Trend: Startups + OS Programs
  12. #OSSPARIS16 https://microsoft.com/opensource ‣ “Microsoft’s commitment to openness and collaboration is

    ingrained… These collaborations have enabled new scenarios for customers and partners to take open source software and integrate it with a Microsoft platform.” ‣ http://todogroup.org/blog/why-we-run-an-open-sou rce-program-microsoft/ ...even Microsoft!
  13. #OSSPARIS16 https://gds.blog.gov.uk/about/ ‣ “We now want to build on that

    work with a more concerted approach to open source (and “inner source”), building collaboration and reuse internally and making higher impact contributions to the wider open source community.” ‣ http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/07/20/gds_ recruiting_open_source_chief/ ‣ https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/16966992 4 ...even Governments!?
  14. #OSSPARIS16 Companies are hiring executive open source leads... ‣ “As

    VMware broadens its ecosystem from traditional engagements in the data center space to areas such as software-defined networking and Cloud Native and mobile app technologies, we have been releasing more and more of our new offerings as open source software," said Ray O'Farrell, executive vice president and Chief Technology Officer, VMware. "Dirk brings a new level of leadership, best practices and creativity to help us drive these open source contributions and projects." ‣ http://thenewstack.io/makers-dirk-hohndel-vmware- role-open-source-commercial-software/ Trend: Chief Open Source Officers!?
  15. #OSSPARIS16 • Many of us who ran open source program

    offices shared a private mailing list to commiserate… • It was an avenue to discuss issues in private and even find ways to collaborate on open source projects… • Focused on Silicon Valley companies initially • In 2014 we had an idea of scaling and opening up the the community more… • Announced the TODO Group @Scale 2014 conference! Origins of The TODO Group
  16. #OSSPARIS16 • TODO Group is a group of companies who

    want to – collaborate on best practices on running open source program offices – share open source policies and training material – codify quality criteria for well-run open source projects and communities – build and share tools to maintain those quality standards • As we scaled our open source programs, we realized we all built similar tools for the purposes of corporate scale open source… • What is corporate scale open source? What is the TODO Group?
  17. #OSSPARIS16 • Corporate participants in open source have a number

    of unique concerns ranging from: – scale (i.e., Google and Microsoft have thousands of open source projects) – insights – cultural – legal / governance • Companies doing open source generally want to be good community citizens, to be open and inclusive, to operate meritocracies. They also need to run a business and be aware of responsibilities to their employees, shareholders and the broader community. Corporate Scale Open Source
  18. #OSSPARIS16 • GitHub has won for now wasn’t designed for

    corporate large scale open source so there are considerable feature gaps… the TODO Group is helping identify and fill those gaps (i.e., multiple org management, CLAs, community metrics) • We also work with GitHub as a “product council” to help improve their platform that we continued to depend on (e.g., improved org management and required commit status features) TODO Group + GitHub
  19. #OSSPARIS16 • To establish the TODO Group as a legitimate

    legal entity, we partnered with the Linux Foundation to make the TODO Group an official collaborative project! • The LF helps with legal paperwork, running events and gives the TODO Group access to its 650+ members TODO Group + Linux Foundation
  20. #OSSPARIS16 • 50+ open source “collaborative projects” / 650+ members

    spanning various industries • The LF helps build neutral collaborative ecosystems; foundation in a box; runs events Why Linux Foundation?
  21. #OSSPARIS16 • • What is an ecosystem A rich developer

    community whose code is productized in commercial products that profit businesses who in turn reinvest back into the projects • Organizations that don’t harvest this shared innovation will be unable to compete: they will be late to market, waste R&D funds, and unable to innovate alone. LF Builds Ecosystems PROJECTS PROFITS PRODUCTS PARTICIPATION DEVELOPER COMMUNITY MARKETS TECHNOLOGY PRO DUCTS
  22. #OSSPARIS16 • Open source will continue to eat new industries

    (i.e., world) – You will see more open source foundations around industries/problem areas • OpenAI, OpenCelluar • Every company will become a software company – They will also act more like internet-scale companies like Google, Facebook etc.. – They will establish open source programs and hire open source leads • Contribution brings influence and is the currency in open source… contribute or lose relevancy! Concluding Thoughts