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The Journey in Open Source Community without Programming

The Journey in Open Source Community without Programming

This is a talk in COSCUP 2022, Open Source & Career track.

I will give a brief overview of how I first became involved in the open source community, what it's like to make contributions to the community as someone who is not a programmer, and whether or not my employer encourages such activities and how it's helped my career. And finally, what I've learned as a long-term community volunteer.


August 01, 2022

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  1. The Journey in Open Source Community

    without Programming
    catcatcatcat 四貓

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  2. What the hack does

    “Jobless Reincarnation”
    Source: 無職転⽣ 〜異世界⾏ったら本気だす〜 (screenshot from: https://ani.gamer.com.tw/)

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  3. Outline
    • Who am I?

    • How I started joining open source community.

    • Contributing to community as a non-programmer.

    • Does companies support open source?

    • Lessons learned.

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  4. Who am I?
    I am catcatcatcat, a.k.a. 4cat.

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  5. Who am I
    But I only have 2 cats.

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  6. Why am I here?
    I have a dream…

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  7. How my OSS journey began
    Open Source Software Foundry

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  8. Contribute to community as a non-coder
    • Being glue: https://noidea.dog/glue

    • Always shortage of administrative roles

    • Growing with the community

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  9. Why companies support open source?
    “A Guide to Enterprise Open Source”

    by The Linux Foundation

    Open source software (OSS) has transformed our world and
    become the backbone of our digital economy and the
    foundation of our digital world.


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  10. Are there benefits to the career?

    But how?

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  11. PipeRider needs your star

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  12. Lessons learned
    Don’t burn out.

    Locate the fun!

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  13. Speaking of FUN activities…

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  14. PyCon APAC 2022
    The most fun activities after COSCUP
    PyCon APAC

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  15. Thank you

    Connect with me

    Star us!

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