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Chaos Conf
September 26, 2019


Kolton Andrus, Gremlin

Welcome to the second Chaos Conf. Kolton will explain why we created Chaos Conf and share logistics for the day. Our theme for Chaos Conf 2019 is Break Through.

Chaos Conf

September 26, 2019

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  1. Marvin Meyer @ Unsplash Technical Debt It was a really

    bad month for the internet 7.5.19 ‘Major’ GitHub Outage Briefly Halts Developers 7.22.19 Slack Goes Wonky, Gives Millions the Day Off 06.28.19
  2. Citibank Website down, not working 2.28.19 Investopedia More than Tech

    Electronic Health Records at 26 Hospitals Hit by Two-Hour Outage 2.16.19 Nationwide US Customs computer outage causes gigantic lines at airports 8.16.19
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  8. 17 DynDNS DDOS October 21, 2016 Airbnb Amazon BostonGlobe Box

    Braintree Cloudflare Etsy Fastly Freshbooks Github Heroku Netflix New York Times PagerDuty PayPal Reddit Shopify SoundCloud Spotify Twitter Vox Media ZenDesk
  9. Adobe Amazon’s Twitch Atlassian’s Bitbucket & HipChat Autodesk Buffer Business

    Insider Carto Chef Citrix Clarifai Codecademy Coindesk Convo Coursera Cracked Docker Docker's Registry Hub Elastic Expedia Expensify FanDuel FiftyThree Flipboard Flippa Giphy GitHub GitLab Fabric Greenhouse Heroku Home Chef iFixit IFTTT Imgur Ionic isitdownrightnow.com Jamf JSTOR Kickstarter Lonely Planet Mailchimp Mapbox Medium MuckRock New Relic News Corp OrderAhead PagerDuty Pantheon Quora Razer Signal Slack Sprout Social Square StatusPage Talkdesk Travis CI Trello Twilio Unbounce the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The Verge Wix Xero Yahoo! Mail Zendesk. 18 S3 Outage February 28th, 2017
  10. Welcome! 20 It’s going to be a great day! –

    Learn from practitioners – Network with your peers – Stay for the after party – Tweet: #chaosconf – Have fun!