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Chaos Conf
September 26, 2019


Paul Osman, Under Armour
Ana Medina, Gremlin

Practical steps for getting started with Chaos Engineering. Using concrete examples we'll cover onboarding teams onto a Chaos Engineering platform, identifying teams that are ready to do GameDays and creating feedback loops to measure resilience.

Chaos Conf

September 26, 2019

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    @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  2. 6 PAUL OSMAN @paulosman Sr Manager, SRE at Under Armour

    Previous lives: PagerDuty, SoundCloud, 500px, Mozilla @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  3. 7 ANA MEDINA @ana_m_medina Chaos Engineer at Gremlin Previous: Uber,

    Google, Quicken Loans, SFEFCU @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  4. Definitions Chaos Engineering: injecting precise and measured amounts of harm

    to a system for the purpose of improving the system’s resilience. GameDays: Group activity to perform Chaos Engineering. Incidents that didn’t happen. 8 @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  5. 16 uDestroy -  Inspired by Netflix’s Chaos Monkey -  1000s

    Microservices -  Bare Metal -  Agent on every host talks to workers -  UI/CLI support @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  6. uDestroy On-boarding: Engineering Education classes Adoption: Drills to plan for

    peak days (Hailstorm) Production: Teams that needed to deploy to production needed to have run a chaos experiment (Gatekeeper) 19 Uber’s internal Chaos Engineering tool @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  7. 21 @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf Feature Testing GameDays Scheduled

    Attacks Community Content Resilience Company that offers a Chaos Engineering Platform Chaos Engineering @ Gremlin
  8. 22 @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf Roles: Chaos General, Chaos

    Commander, Chaos Scribe, Chaos Observer 1 week before: Calendar invite for entire company, Slack room, zoom call, prepare GameDay Workbook GameDay: 1 hour for 3 experiments Post GameDay: High Priority Action Items, One Pager Executive Summary Resilience Company that offers a Chaos Engineering Platform GameDays @ Gremlin
  9. 25 @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf Key Takeaways Incidents are

    unplanned investments Chaos Experiments are planned investments ROI is the same: Learning! Turn incidents and chaos into stories feedback loops to measure resilience @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf
  10. Focus on key areas of your business Education GameDays On-Call

    Training 26 @ana_m_medina | @paulosman | #ChaosConf Key Takeaways On-boarding and identifying teams