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Design and Implementation of Tech Talks

Design and Implementation of Tech Talks



July 03, 2017


  1. Design and Implementation of tech talks :p N.Shimizu (

  2. 細かいので、ここでみてください:

  3. We all have something technical to be shared • Every

    single issue / project / program is unique • We are all unique, totally different person • When we do technical initiative, we can find something unique • Tech talk is a means to share such unique things
  4. What is the point? • Clarify and purify your message,

    which will help you to • Title your talk • Write abstract / talk outline for CFP application • Bring good presentation • Good title and abstract push you to secure our speaking opportunities • Clarified message relief us from confusion during presentation
  5. Review always help us

  6. Practice always help us

  7. It's a live performance

  8. Nothing special