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Reuse with Drupal Features

Reuse with Drupal Features


Chris Christensen

November 02, 2011


  1. Features ...or in Klingon*: "ghuH Daq qul" *roughly speaking: "prepare

    to fire"
  2. Hello! personal: work: Chris Christensen irc: chrischris twitter:

  3. None
  4. None
  5. Drupal is amazing...

  6. Drupal is amazing... but,

  7. Drupal is amazing... There are several positive qualities in a

    brick existence: 1,000's of years
  8. Drupal is amazing... We want this: existence: 10's of years

  9. Drupal is amazing... What we probably actually have: existence: 100's

    of years
  10. Correlation? Drupal pre 4.7 - pre CCK and Views Drupal

    8? Drupal 6 + Features (Context, Spaces, PURL, Views, CCK, ...)
  11. dev ⇢ stage ⇢ prod teh *big* problem!

  12. Features Update Features Revert add Features module

  13. Dev Stage

  14. Dev Stage Move Code Around: Copy / Paste VCS (svn,

    CVS) DVCS (git, bzr, hg)
  15. A possible solution vector: Features! demo: Install drupal CCK (display,

    regenerable) Views (exportable) Features (why we are here...) etc... Features (magic) Do some drupal stuff Build a content type Make a view onto the type Add some nodes Build a feature Add content types and views of interest dl, unpack, and version
  16. Kapow!

  17. ...a case for re-usability

  18. Thank you!

  19. Credit: (

    com/2029/2149271817_6ab0a8a3f1_b.jpg Exercises left to the reader: Features module: Stellar use case: Open Atrium: Drush integration: Getting started: http://drupalcode. org/viewvc/drupal/contributions/modules/drush/README.txt?revision=1. 46&view=markup