Orchestructure: Building Kubernetes Operators with Ansible Talk

Orchestructure: Building Kubernetes Operators with Ansible Talk

An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and automating the complete lifecycle management activities of a Kubernetes application. Put more simply, an Operator encodes human operational knowledge. It is designed to watch and respond to the resources in your cluster and enable your application to run as desired.

While powerful, Operators are usually written in Go and requires expertise in the advanced libraries and patterns used to write Kubernetes controllers. Ansible can help. It is a first class citizen in the Operator SDK providing a means of automating the deployment and management of Kubernetes applications on a cluster in an Ansible-native way. Ansible-based Operators provide a lower barrier to entry, faster iterations, and the power of Ansible and its ecosystem.

Combining Ansible and Kubernetes frees up application engineers to minimize the new skill sets required and maximize time to delivery. Furthermore, using the same tried and trusted Ansible tooling lets you automate and orchestrate your applications across both new and existing platforms with one simple language.

This talk introduces Operators with Ansible and demonstrates how you develop and deploy them to automate the management of complex Kubernetes application on a cluster.


Chris Short

August 28, 2019