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Fundamental Design Principles – For People Who Can't Design Good.

Fundamental Design Principles – For People Who Can't Design Good.

Non-designers (or "people who can't design good") often view design as a mystery; some right-brained out-of-body experience that they will never know. I will be discussing 4 basic principles of design that everyone, from programmer to artist, can use to help an audience understand the message being delivered. These design principles, when applied as rules, can help provide a linear pathway to good design.

Christian Naths

March 21, 2012

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  1. CONTRAST The principle of contrast states that if two items

    are not exactly the same, then make them different. Really different. Wednesday, 21 March, 12
  2. REPETITION The principle of repetition states that you repeat some

    aspect of the design throughout the entire piece. Wednesday, 21 March, 12
  3. ALIGNMENT The principle of alignment states that nothing should be

    placed on the page arbitrarily. Every item should have a visual connection with something else on the page. Wednesday, 21 March, 12
  4. PROXIMITY The principle of proximity states that you group related

    items together, move them physically close to each other so the related items are seen as on cohesive unit rather than a bunch of unrelated pieces. Wednesday, 21 March, 12