Whaaat: Life without databases? Stateful architectures in Azure

Whaaat: Life without databases? Stateful architectures in Azure

Oh. My. God! You cannot be serious to take away that beautiful, cozy and beloved database from my architecture!? Well, contrary to common believe there are scenarios and use cases where adding a database to the mix can be tedious, complex and slow. E.g. when we are striving for high scalability, high availability and low latency stateful architectures may come handy. In this session, Christian sheds some light on this architecture style and its possible implementation in Azure. Come and see Azure Service Fabric's stateful services & reliable actors in action as well as Azure Durable Functions for completely serverless approaches. Let's see and experience which useful patterns we can realize with stateful solutions and let's talk about the good, the bad and the ugly parts, as well. Free your mind! 


Christian Weyer

January 18, 2018