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CSS Modules: Who, what, where, when and why?!

by Chris Pearce

Published February 25, 2016 in Programming

An exploration into the fundamentals of CSS Modules and how it can allow a rapidly growing product to be built effectively.

As front-end developers we have the tendency to form a love-hate relationship with our CSS. On one hand it can be satisfyingly trivial to piece together some really good looking UI but on the other it can become an unruly beast if not treated with extreme caution. CSS Modules has been born out of problems scaling CSS and provides us with a revolutionary shift in how we are forced to consider writing our styles

Presented at "Frontend London" 25th February 2016.


Further reading: http://chrispearce.co/elephants-the-three-code-ilities-two-months-with-css-modules/

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