Real World Redux

Real World Redux

Redux has no doubt captured the hearts of the React community but many questions still remain - how do we actually structure Redux applications effectively? This talk explores the real world experiences of using Redux everyday within a rapidly scaling team and product.

Presented at "React London" - 29th February 2016



Chris Pearce

February 29, 2016


  1. 6.

    Actions Reducer Store View function reduceAppState(state, action) { if (action.type

    === ‘AUTH_USER’) { return {...state, loggedIn: true}; } } Translate
  2. 8.

    Actions Reducer Store View const App = ({state}) => (

    <div> {state.loggedIn ? ‘Yay!’ : ‘Boo!`} </div> ); Render
  3. 16.
  4. 22.

    Service orientated architecture 1-1 mapping with api/resources API/users -> users-actions.js

    users-reducer.js users-selectors.js API/clients -> clients-actions.js clients-reducer.js clients-selectors.js
  5. 23.

    Service orientated architecture User Experience Orientated Architecture 1-1 mapping with

    routes (at its min. granularity) index -> index-screen-actions.js index-screen-reducer.js index-screen-selectors.js
  6. 28.

    Yes! Just don’t underestimate the big decisions you are still

    left to make yourself. It is incredibly low level.
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    Redux is awesome but we need to realise the scope

    and build more opinionated tools and frameworks around it.