Cooking Lessons with Vim and Tmux

Cooking Lessons with Vim and Tmux

My talk about ruby development in the shell with vim and tmux, with an emphasis on cooking.


Claudio Ortolina

June 14, 2013


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    Hello! ‣I’m Claudio Ortolina ‣I work at New Bamboo, in

    London, as a full stack web developer ‣We do Ruby, Rails, Agile and Javascript NEW BAMBOO HQ
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    Topics for today ‣You only need a wok and a

    ladle... ‣...but having more at hand can really help ‣Keep everything at hand ‣Taste your food while cooking
  3. 6.

    You only need a wok and a ladle Master the

    defaults of your tools of choice
  4. 9.

    The right tool for the job ‣Small, focused tools that

    work together ‣A good set of plugins ‣Strike for balance ‣For more, see: ‣ ‣
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    Navigation ‣Navigation has to be FAST ‣Don’t !ddle with the

    !lesystem ‣Fuzzy search as general approach ‣CTags and speci!c plugins (like Rails.vim)
  6. 13.

    Exploit tmux ‣Run tests on separate pane ‣Leverage focused tests

    ‣Don’t need to switch to test in Rails ‣Send to REPL ‣See