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Take control of your front-end

Take control of your front-end

My talk at Chennai.rb's June 2014 meetup.

On Angular, Ember and Backbone + React.



June 21, 2014

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  1. Take control of your Front-end Dheeraj Kumar Chief Troll Officer

    Bang The Table ! dheeraj@bangthetable.com
  2. –Someone on Twitter “The question is not if you need

    a front-end framework. It’s how long you can survive before you realize you need one.”
  3. Why do I need a front-end framework? Obvious point 1

    Obvious point 2 Testing Obvious point 3
  4. How do I realize I need a front-end framework? Look

    at your APIs. Do you even have one? Is your JS maintainable? Can you change a part of your front-end without changing/crashing another?
  5. Fast forward a couple of months, a failed project, and

    several unsolvable bugs…
  6. None
  7. –Isabella I “The distance is great from the firm belief

    to the realization from concrete experience.”
  8. Alright, what can I do? Angular Ember Backbone + React

  9. Angular Deceptively low barrier to entry Documentation AMD The magical

    $scope Performance Not a framework Just like Rails - Writing bad code is really easy
  10. Ember Just like Rails - convention over configuration Steep learning

    curve Performance with HTMLBars Actual real framework Writing bad code is difficult Community-driven, with best practices
  11. Backbone + React React - New hotness from Facebook Super-fast

    view layer (Meteor Blaze/HTMLBars/React) Proven model+routing layer from Backbone Components made easy Virtual DOM, DOM Diff, Reconciliation, all that jazz…
  12. –You “It makes sense, but I’m still confused!”

  13. Go, try them out. Spend an afternoon. ! You won’t

    regret it. The End