Order Revealing Encryption for Cloud Data

B67a5912da76f653f8f90f5a046f48f8?s=47 Dan Draper
January 30, 2020

Order Revealing Encryption for Cloud Data

With significant data breaches becoming the daily norm, our approaches to storing data in the cloud, especially with 3rd party providers need to radically improve.

With the “holy grail” of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) still years away from practicality, Order Revealing Encryption (ORE) offers a compelling stepping stone to significant data security improvements.

In this talk, I introduce both FHE and ORE, practical examples and how, in particular, ORE can allow for new security models for protecting data in the cloud.

PG Secret: https://github.com/coderdan/pg_secret (contributions welcome!)
NuFHE https://github.com/nucypher/nufhe
Paillier Ruby https://github.com/DaylightingSociety/Paillier
Block ORE Paper https://www.cs.virginia.edu/dwu4/papers/BlockORE.pdf
The state of HE: https://homomorphicencryption.org


Dan Draper

January 30, 2020