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Chipy lightning talk for #aaronswhackchicago

Chipy lightning talk for #aaronswhackchicago


Sheila Miguez

November 14, 2013

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  1. #aaronswhackchicago http://bit.ly/aaronswhackchicago @codersquid

  2. #aaronswhackchicago archive Aaron’s mailing lists access to research access to

    everywhere video everything terms of service are confusing depression and things we’ve tried pad.textb.org/p/aaronswhackchicago
  3. JFDI a corollary cc by-sa NegativeKelvin

  4. "If it's not documented, it'll never happen again" - bryIsCaffeinated

    Go here and make a pull request to describe your project https://github.com/SwartzCr/aaronswartzhackathonprojectlist
  5. cc by-nc-sa The Shifted Librarian

  6. You can do hard work If you think you have

    relevance you do not until your project is easy to join. http://bit.ly/os-project-guide If you don’t have your own project to work on, look at Aaron Hacks
  7. None