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Publishing and Building Communities Around Digital Images: What's Happened in 15 Years

Alan Levine
April 18, 2019

Publishing and Building Communities Around Digital Images: What's Happened in 15 Years

Back in 2004 I did presented at TCC on the idea of blogging and teaching around collections of photographs (http://mcli.cogdogblog.com/show/tcc04/photoblog/) then a thing called "photoblogging". How far have we come with these ideas in 15 years? The photos, the camera tools, the web sites we have are much improved. But what are we doing, can we do with maybe the most accessible technology tool, once most of us have in our pockets? How can images be used to communicate via metaphor? This session will explore the use of photographs in 2018 as a field observation tool, a creative/expressive outlet, forms of protest, and the ever spreading meme.

Participants will participate in the kinds of photo scavenger hunts and daily challenges I use in media classes, and will be able to contribute/share/discuss photos directly to a "SPLOT" site (e.g one using this available wordpress theme. https://github.com/cogdog/tru-collector)

Alan Levine

April 18, 2019

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  1. Take Photo Now! • View where you are • email

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  2. Robert Burget Chandler-Gilbert Community College, 2004 A community like Buzznet

    can be a terrific vehicle to achieving the comfortable, fertile classroom environment I’m looking for. Buzznet does something valuable and unique; it allows students to communicate with each other outside of class. By sharing images with fellow classmates, an opportunity exists for sparking a comment, a conversation or a friendship. When students unabashedly share their individuality others learn from it.
  3. Buzznet 2004 http://web.archive.org/web/20040929122445/http:// www.buzznet.com/www/about.php Based in Los Angeles, Buzznet Inc.

    creates and maintains Buzznet.com, a vibrant social network for Internet based photo communication. Buzznet also develops the photocommunication platform -- the first software of its kind in the blogging space. Which enables tens of thousands of individuals, organizations and corporations to participate in the Web's full potential by publishing photos and fostering communication between users with simple yet powerful software and services.
  4. Thanks! Alan Levine @cogdog • http://cog.dog Presentation: https://cog.dog/show/2019/04/18/tcc-2019/ flickr photo

    by teliko82 https://flickr.com/photos/teliko82/2189579308 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license