Building UI Consistent Android Apps - Yelp Engineering

Building UI Consistent Android Apps - Yelp Engineering

Slides for the talk "Building UI Consistent Android Apps" by Nicola Corti, Android Engineer @ Yelp (Hamburg).

Consistency is probably one of the best-known design principles. Consistent UIs are easy to use, easy to learn and frustration free. Nonetheless, they are also extremely easy to break! Just a few development iterations are enough to totally mess up your color palette or your icon sets.

Consistency gets even trickier if you have to ensure it across different Android apps. In such a scenario, defining style guides becomes crucial. Assets, icons, colors, metrics, and components should be easily accessible by developers/designers across your teams. Furthermore, you must ensure that every style guide change will not break your app.

Yelp ships its experience across Android, iOS and Web apps used by millions of users. In this talk, you will get an insight into the challenges we face on a daily basis ensuring our visual consistency, and the solutions we adopted.


Nicola Corti

June 21, 2017