Inclusive Design – How Addressing Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Inclusive Design – How Addressing Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Nearly one in five people have a disability in the U.S. That means your inaccessible website may be excluding 56.7 million people! Organizations are prioritizing accessibility now more than ever because inclusive design benefits everyone (bonus: it’s great for SEO). During this session, you’ll hear how the MacArthur Foundation rebuilt their website to maximize access for people with disabilities and created an accessibility guide for grantees. Join a conversation with an accessibility expert, designer, and project manager to get deep insights on what accessibility is, how it shapes design, and how you can begin addressing accessibility on your website.

Learning Outcomes
- Gain a greater understanding of accessibility and how it shapes design.
- Understand how to begin addressing accessibility your website – guide included!
- Obtain real-life insights on the process of redesigning and making a website accessible.


Courtney Clark

March 13, 2019