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Offloading server work to the client side

Offloading server work to the client side

A presentation of a few JavaScript libraries that help you do in the browser what you traditionally do on the server.

Dimiter Petrov

November 21, 2013

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  1. In a browser near you • Typed arrays • Web

    workers • File API • Canvas • WebGL • Web Audio API (and many more)
  2. jsPDF drawback You need to make sur you can run

    the same code on the server as a fallback
  3. zip.js Fully compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer

    10 Workaround for Safari 5 and IE9 (Typed Array polyfill and disbled Web Workers)
  4. Resumable.js Requires: • the HTML 5 File API to split

    files into small pieces • server-side setup to put the file back together