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Chapter CR Memorial Service 2020

Chapter CR Memorial Service 2020

Dedicated to three sisters who joined Chapter Eternal in 2020.


PEO Chapter CR

April 07, 2021


  1. P.E.O. Memorial Service Chapter CR September 2, 2020

  2. Today we pay loving tribute to the memory of Joan

    Olcott, Virginia Shelly and Audrey Beckley. Though we grieve, we are grateful for our association with them.
  3. Joan Olcott Joined Chapter CR March 6, 1974

  4. Ginny Shelly Joined Chapter CR April 18, 1977

  5. Audrey Beckley Joined Chapter CR January 8, 2014

  6. The fragile beauty of the flowers will perish; but the

    principles of faith, love, purity, justice and truth abide forever.
  7. We give thanks for the star and its message, its

    place in our lives and the lives of Joan, Ginny and Audrey.
  8. Life does not consist in the abundance of the material

    things we possess, rather in the abundance of things we are and do.
  9. We believe in the present of our Sisterhood with its

    opportunities, in the future with its obligations, in the divine joy of living here and hereafter, in the enlarged and ever enlarging sphere of usefulness that is opening up before us each year.
  10. We are sisters in heart and spirit. We believe in

    the sweetness and helpfulness of friendship and in the joy of serving others.
  11. Each single star sparkles new — set in Heaven.

  12. Benediction