Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

A lot of new things can be designed with the help of vacuum forming. So if you are thinking of turning your ideas into reality then you should choose to go for Crystal Craft which is a pioneer in this field.


Crystal Craft

October 25, 2013


  1. Vacuum Forming Plays A Vital Role In Everyday Life With

    advancing needs of the industries and manufacturing companies, Vacuum Forming of plastic has become very common today. Various small and big containers of different shapes are formed with the help of this process. When there are different ways of performing this procedure, each one of them has its own failure and benefits. The most common method of doing vacuum forming of plastic is by putting a plastic sheet over the mold and then keeping it over the vacuum provider. This way, when the vacuum will be released, the plastic sheet will start changing its shape according to that of the mold. Once this plastic shape cools down, it is ready to be used for the required purpose. Plastic molded shapes are very useful in day to day life. These are required for manufacturing different household and commercial products. A sandwich holder, chocolate boxes, and cold drink cups are a few to name. Now, when we say that the heat is provided to the plastic sheet even this can be done in two different ways. One is Infrared heating method and second is old general heating methods. During those old heating techniques, it is with the help of processed fire or heaters that the plastic sheet is heated. This procedure is repeated for several times for the required results. Therefore, not only it becomes time consuming but a lot of plastic too gets wasted. Moreover, this procedure turns out to be expensive and unfriendly to the environment. Whereas by using Infrared heat approach, a plastic sheet is placed in an infrared oven or heater and high temperature is provided. It is basically in the form of infrared radiations that heat is supplied to the plastic sheet. Due to high temperature, plastic sheet comes into a state where its molecules turn into a form, neither pure liquid nor pure solid. Then this sheet is placed over the mold and vacuum is provided. By using this method, even a thick plastic sheet can be molded. Also, this process is environmentally friendly and it consumes less time. Plastic Thermoforming is a process that is used in several ways in your daily life. Not directly but in an indirect way, there are hundreds and thousands of things that you use on a daily basis are produced using this method. From kitchen to sports; every aspect of life has been privileged by using a plastic Thermoforming process. Whether it is a small production or a larger one, Thermoforming has a crucial role in all of them.