Pressure Forming

Pressure Forming

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Crystal Craft

October 25, 2013


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    Crystalcraft Specializing In Pressure Forming To Produce Different Shapes And

    Molds The process of Pressure Forming involves heating of a plastic sheet in an oven. This heated plastic sheet is then presented to the mold to form a particular shape. It is basically with the help of vacuum on the back side of the heated plastic sheet that it starts pressing against the mold in a solid way. Then it sticks onto it and is kept aside for cool down. Thereafter, all necessary secondary operations including trimming, drilling, finishing etc. are performed. If you are trying to get detailed designing like logos, mold texture, and sharp corners then these could not be achieved by applying the typical vacuum forming process. You need to follow pressure forming process only. Apart from this we also deal in Thermo Forming. It is a manufacturing process that is also performed to treat plastic sheets. We first heat a plastic sheet or film in an oven, so that it becomes pliable. This sheet is then shaped into a mold and trimmed to create the required product. After heating the plastic sheet, it is stretched onto or into a mold and then cool down to produce the finished shape. So, basically our idea is to produce different types of shapes and molds using plastic sheets and films. So, next time you look out for a plastic fabricator, visit our website and get the desired services.