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GRIDMED project

GRIDMED project

Exploiting e-Infrastructure for research in breast cancer CAD methods


César Suárez Ortega

February 27, 2013


  1. gridmed CETA-CIEMAT Exploiting e-infrastructures for research in breast cancer CAD

  2. breast cancer a serious problem

  3. 1,5 million caused death cases worldwide 0,5 million

  4. root causes are unknown

  5. solution?

  6. early detection

  7. how to? medical imaging screening tools double reads

  8. time too much

  9. resources too much

  10. CAD systems

  11. assist clinicians CAD systems

  12. offer a 2nd opinion CAD systems

  13. support decisions CAD systems

  14. use heuristics CAD systems

  15. Classification Machine Learning

  16. MLCs are trained with real cases

  17. cancer digital repository breast


  19. None
  20. None
  21. +1.600 cases

  22. MIWAD tools


  24. Manages patient and study data Used for creating the data

    for training Executes trained classificators MIWAD CAD DB
  25. None
  26. Screening tool Creates segmentations to classify MIWAD CAD DB Calculates

  27. None
  28. and this is real!

  29. current status ✚ MIWAD tools are being used at HSJ

    ✚ Doctors are feeding the BCDR ✚ MLCs are being trained with new cases ✚ DICOM-SR import/export is being developed ✚ PACs integration is being designed
  30. spreading ✚ PhD Improving multilayer perceptron classifiers AUC performance by

    Raúl Ramos Pollán ✚ Journals ✚ Conferences ✚ Magazines ✚ About Grid and health
  31. seen on TV!

  32. diffusion Exchanging Data for Breast Cancer Diagnosis on Heterogeneous Grid

    Platforms Grid Infrastructures for Developing Mammography CAD Systems Grid Computing for Breast Cancer CAD. A Pilot Experience in a Medical Environment Exploiting E-Infrastructures for Medical Image Storage and Analysis: a GRID Application for Mammography CAD
  33. demo!

  34. CETA-CIEMAT acknowledges the support received from the European Regional Development

    Fund through its operational programme Knowledge-Based Economy
  35. thanks! questions?