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Serverless Containers on Azure

Serverless Containers on Azure


Ivan Čuljak

February 27, 2019


  1. Serverless Containers on Azure Ivan Čuljak

  2. Who am I? 4 Software engineer/architect/consultant 4 Loves greenfield projects

    4 Makes a living by salvaging wrecks 4 Facebook troll, Twitter adjutant @CuljakIvan 4 Hopefully a prolific blogger @
  3. Disclaimer This talk is heavily opinionated and biased :)

  4. What are containers? And why in the world do we

    need them?
  5. What is serverless? Serverless is to servers as wireless is

    to wired
  6. How do we currently run containers? Hint: usually on machines

    for which we're paying 24/7
  7. What's wrong with that approach? Hint: nothing really

  8. So why would we want to use serverless containers? Hint:

    Think of a situation where you don't need your machines 24/7, but when you do you might need a single core, or half of the data center
  9. Relationshio to orchestrators Container groups

  10. Use cases 4 Awaiter for long running tasks 4 Build

    agent 4 Massive processing agent 4 Occasional processing 4 Virtual node for AKS [Works with both Linux and Windows containers]
  11. Deploy 4 A single container 4 Multi-container group 4 Virtual

    networks support 4 Containers with GPU resources 4 Environmental variables 4 Liveness probes
  12. Manage 4 Updating running containers 4 Executing commands from outside

    4 Monitoring CPU/RAM 4 Logs <3
  13. Data volumes 4 Azure files 4 emptyDir 4 gitRepo 4

  14. Demo time <3

  15. Thank you <3 Any questions? / @CuljakIvan