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Serverless + Chatbots == Silver bullet for Startups?

Ivan Čuljak
November 12, 2019

Serverless + Chatbots == Silver bullet for Startups?

Ivan Čuljak

November 12, 2019

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  1. A bit about me • Ivan Čuljak • Cloud Solutions

    Architect @ Celeste Maze • Shouting at clouds since 2012??? • Salvaging wrecks/putting out fires for a living • Freelancer & Azure MVP
  2. Evolution of "app hosting" [1/2] • a shared server •

    a server • a farm of servers • VMs on a server • VMs on a farm of servers
  3. Evolution of "app hosting" [2/2] • VMs running containers •

    containers orchestrator running on top of VMs • let's just forget it's all there and do our dev job...
  4. What serverless is NOT • Execution model • Managed service

    • Operational construct • Spectrum • Technology Big tnx to Jeremy Daly for this <3
  5. Business shift All messed up • product strategy • design

    • budgeting • resource planning Big tnx to Jeremy Daly for this <3
  6. UX/CX is crucial [1/2] • Spend as much time as

    you need to polish it • UX on a chatbot is more important than UX in mobile apps • It's hard for users to use their intuition to guess where you've hidden something
  7. UX/CX is crucial [2/2] • Don't bombard the user with

    information • Make everything simple and visual • Skip text entry as much as you can
  8. $$$ • It's cheaper to develop • It's cheaper to

    maintain • It's cheaper to extend • It requires less skill to code
  9. Time • Initial time to market is lower • Time

    required for any change is lower • Deployments are available right away • There's no procedure for users to update
  10. Support • Your app not working on some random Chinese

    phone/ tablet isn't your problem • If a user can't get it working it means that the messenger isn't working on their device • You can easily debug what's going on in each conversation • You can support multiple messengers
  11. Development • No special hardware required • No special subscriptions/licences

    required • You can handle almost everything from something like Visual Studio Code
  12. Testing • You can run tests on your dev machine,

    instead of automating them over a farm of mobile phones • If it works on one iPhone it will work on all of them • If it works on one Android it will work on most of them
  13. Deployment • There is no in-house/ad-hoc/enterprise/hidden builds/ deployments • There's

    no need to download anything on the client side (except the messenger) • You basically deploy a web app if you're coding it, or you hit the save button if you're using some visual dev tool
  14. Analytics • All the analytics come from your backend, and

    hence you can easily collect them • There's no mobile app crash analytics that won't get to you, and hence you might miss them
  15. Fish app • Their MVP was based on WhatsApp... manually

    typing WhatsApp • Their budget was too small to build anything serious • Yet they were convinced they really need a mobile app for Android and iOS
  16. Checking codes app • Someone can register on a web

    site and get a code to redeem a package • Packages are being handed out by students • Students are using their own mobile phones • Viber to the rescue
  17. Getting a loan pre-approval • Chat with a bank bot

    to go through the loan questionaire • Get a pre-approval • Runs on functions • Cold starts and scaling "penalties" don't seem to matter to chat users :)
  18. Various startups • If you can think out-of-the-box • If

    you can "shift" the way society made you think • You could figure out that chatbots & serverless may solve your needs... at least for an MVP