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An Introduction to Scala

An Introduction to Scala

With Dave Gurnell. Presentation to the Brighton Java User Group, introducing Scala to the working Java developer.

Richard Dallaway

August 07, 2013

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  1. An Introduction to Scala Dave Gurnell @davegurnell Richard Dallaway @d6y

  2. Why, Functional Programming! •  FP is no longer for academics

    •  Commercial adoption is on the rise •  FP in mainstream languages
  3. *Why* Functional Programming? •  Clarity •  Greater expressiveness •  Fewer

    bugs •  Productivity
  4. Why Scala? •  Combines OO and FP concepts •  On

    the JVM •  Gradual learning curve from Java •  Fun and profit !
  5. Concepts •  Basic syntax and expressions •  Types and type

    inference •  Functions as values •  Higher order functions •  Immutability
  6. Demo!

  7. https://github.com/ davegurnell/ brighton-java-scala-talk

  8. Resources Dave Gurnell @davegurnell Richard Dallaway @d6y www.underscoreconsulting.com Thank you:

    https://github.com/aral/fork-me-on-github-retina- ribbons Download: http://www.scala-lang.org/download Learn: http://typesafe.com/resources/book/scala-for-the-impatient Meet: http://www.meetup.com/Functional-Brighton