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Rapid Mobile App Development with Ionic and Capacitor

Rapid Mobile App Development with Ionic and Capacitor

Daniel Sogl

May 31, 2024

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  1. Agenda - #1 Ionic Introduction - #2 Capacitor Introduction -

    #3 Real World Application Demo - #4 Conclusion and Q&A
  2. About me - Daniel Sogl - Angular / Ionic Developer

    since 2015 - Lead Developer @finanzen.net zero - Focusing on FinTech - Trainer @AngularArchitects since 2023
  3. - Definition: Open-source framework for building mobile and desktop Apps

    using web technologies - Focus: Build on top of Stencil JS, compatible with Angular, React and Vue - Advantages - Cross-platform development (iOS, Android, PWA)Rich library of pre-build UI components - Extensive community and documentation Introduction to Ionic Framework
  4. - UI Components: Extensive library of UI components that adapt

    to the platform - Themes and Styles: Built-in support for customizing themes and styles - Native Access: Through Capacitor or Cordova, access native device features - Tooling: Ionic CLI and VSCode Plugin for easy project creation and development Ionic Key Features
  5. - Definition: Open-source native runtime for building Web Native apps

    - Purpose: allow web developers to build apps that run on iOS, Android and the web with a single codebase - Advantages - Simple plugin system for accessing native features - Supports existing web projects - Easy to set up and integrate What is Capacitor?
  6. - Cross-platform: Consistent API across iOS, Android, and web -

    Plugins: Easy-to-use plugins for accessing device features (Camera, Geolocation, etc.) - Native Project Management: Sync with native projects for further native code development - PWA Support: First-class support for Progressive Web Apps Key Features Of Capacitor
  7. - Summary:Ionic Framework: Fast, cross-platform app development - Capacitor: Seamless

    native feature access and development - Questions:Open the floor for any questions - Slides: https://tinyurl.com/4j6mu8d6 Conclusion and Q&A