Real-Time Serverless Back Ends with GraphQL

7c9b8b368924556d8642bdaed3ded1f5?s=47 Danilo Poccia
February 16, 2018

Real-Time Serverless Back Ends with GraphQL

JeffConf, Hamburg, February 16th, 2018

GraphQL is an open standard that lets you request, change, and subscribe to the exact data you need in a single network request. This makes prototyping and building data-intensive applications as simple as writing a few lines of code. In this session we’ll introduce the core concepts of GraphQL and put that into practice with real-world implementations using tools such as AWS Lambda and AWS AppSync to deliver real-time collaborative experiences for web and mobile apps, using multiple data sources, managing off-line users’ data, and resolving data conflicts.


Danilo Poccia

February 16, 2018