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A Kotlin Journey

Dan Kim
August 23, 2019

A Kotlin Journey

As the saying goes, it's not the destination, it's the journey!

In this talk I'll be sharing my personal story as an introduction to what a Kotlin journey might look like. We'll explore how and why Kotlin can make such a big impact on our work. Then we'll talk about the broad "stages" that you'll commonly find yourself in, from early beginner to advanced. What commonly happens in each stage? How do we keep learning? And what are some tips to help us through each stage?

By the end of the talk, you'll not only have a better feeling of why Kotlin is such a great language, but most importantly, what your own personal journey with the language might look like in the years to come.

It's gonna be a great ride. Let's roll!

Dan Kim

August 23, 2019

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  1. ❤ A Kotlin Journey @dankim

  2. ❤ My Kotlin Journey

  3. It's always worth reflecting

  4. To start conversations

  5. Stages of learning

  6. ) Life stages

  7. ) Four life stages of a Kotlin journey

  8. Stage 1: Toddler

  9. Seems cool, but...

  10. - Jump off the fence!

  11. You'll be a happier (and better) programmer!

  12. Would you truly be happy working in this environment eight

    hours a day? This is especially important for choosing a programming language. Happiness has a cascading effect. Happy programmers do the right thing. They write simple, readable code. They take clean, expressive, readable, elegant approaches. They have fun. In summary, your team needs to work with tools they love. Choose the fuse that gets people excited. You’ll generate excitement and motivation and a better product as a result. — DHH
  13. Capable language ➡ fulfilling work ➡ happiness ➡ better choices

    ➡ better habits ➡ better programmer!
  14. ⏰ Tremendous time savings (compared to Java)

  15. ⌫ Less code, plain and simple

  16. Everything is easier and faster

  17. Fewer bugs (hopefully?)

  18. Kotlin has a bright future

  19. 5 The philosophy behind Kotlin

  20. Readability Reuse Interoperability Safety and tooling

  21. Slow and steady

  22. Stage 2: Hey kiddo!

  23. You got a lotta questions

  24. I have (some) answers!

  25. Start with small conversions

  26. =✅ Do something real (aka, not tests)

  27. Getting excited is important!

  28. Models, utilities, adapters

  29. A Forget about being perfect

  30. Serious rabbit holes

  31. Focus on a few key concepts that click for you

  32. Stage 3: The teenage years

  33. This is a pretty fun stage!

  34. Falling in love

  35. You're gonna make a bunch of mistakes

  36. It's OK!

  37. Take a breath and slow down

  38. ♻ Revisit and go deep

  39. Dig deep into the stdlib

  40. Phase 4: Adult (mostly)

  41. Things are comfortable

  42. A period of calm productivity

  43. A real appreciation for Kotlin

  44. What's next?

  45. ✨ Focus on code clarity

  46. P Embrace your curiosity

  47. Breadth or depth?

  48. R Don't follow the crowd

  49. S ➡ ➡ Stages 5, 6, 7...?

  50. This is just one possible journey

  51. Stay connected to the community

  52. Good luck! @dankim