A Kotlin Journey

1b4a6c2e7bafdb5c945865dac35a9eb3?s=47 Dan Kim
August 23, 2019

A Kotlin Journey

As the saying goes, it's not the destination, it's the journey!

In this talk I'll be sharing my personal story as an introduction to what a Kotlin journey might look like. We'll explore how and why Kotlin can make such a big impact on our work. Then we'll talk about the broad "stages" that you'll commonly find yourself in, from early beginner to advanced. What commonly happens in each stage? How do we keep learning? And what are some tips to help us through each stage?

By the end of the talk, you'll not only have a better feeling of why Kotlin is such a great language, but most importantly, what your own personal journey with the language might look like in the years to come.

It's gonna be a great ride. Let's roll!


Dan Kim

August 23, 2019