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The future of our community is YOU

Dan Kim
April 13, 2018

The future of our community is YOU

Every day each one of us turns to community contributions to help us become better developers — blog posts, open source projects, conference talks, podcasts, and so much more. Can you imagine if these community resources didn’t exist?!

And while our community is strong today, it’s healthiest when it continues to grow from a broad set of interests, backgrounds, and opinions. That diversity and knowledge to keep our community strong can only come from one place: YOU.

I’ll share my thoughts about how this community has helped me (and others) grow, why that’s so important, and ultimately why it’s crucial for all of us to contribute. I’ll discuss five (or so) areas, each with some high-level tips to get you started, that we can all contribute to keeping our community strong and healthy.

The Android community has proven to be one of the most welcoming, friendly, helpful, generous groups I’ve ever encountered. Let’s keep it going!

- http://www.donnfelker.com/the-single-best-thing-you-can-do-for-your-career/
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osVpqz10UP8

Thanks to these folks for their contributions that helped shape and reinforce the talk:
- https://twitter.com/jayohms
- https://twitter.com/queencodemonkey
- https://twitter.com/KellyShuster
- https://twitter.com/mandybess
- https://twitter.com/chiuki
- https://twitter.com/donnfelker
- https://twitter.com/chethaase
- https://twitter.com/sehurlburt
- https://twitter.com/crafty
- https://twitter.com/danlew42
- https://twitter.com/jessfraz

(Talk given at Chicago Robot 2018 on 4/13/2018).

Dan Kim

April 13, 2018

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  1. The future of our community is YOU dan@basecamp.com @dankim

  2. ! Our wonderful, vibrant community

  3. What if this community didn’t exist?

  4. The future of our community

  5. My (boring) story

  6. This is Jay

  7. & An incredibly rich community of teachers

  8. Launched my work to new heights

  9. We’ve all been touched by amazing contributions

  10. We’ll always do better together

  11. + Sustaining a community is hard work

  12. Hundreds of hours of work

  13. Android moves fast

  14. Natural ebbs and flows to contributions

  15. We need you!

  16. ⚡ Your energy!

  17. Your diverse perspectives!

  18. “I have nothing new to say”

  19. You’re 100% wrong!

  20. Your life experiences are incredibly unique and valuable

  21. Open, accessible, & encouraging

  22. “Yes, you should totally propose a talk. Do it. End

    of story. If you have any questions let me know. You gotta go for it. Would love to help. You’ll do great! Let me know!”
  23. An immensely rewarding experience

  24. So you’re convinced, right?

  25. Four ways you can contribute

  26. ✍ 1. Writing

  27. < It’s information dense

  28. = It’s self-paced

  29. It’s an excellent reference (basically forever)

  30. None
  31. None
  32. Tip #1: Set some broad goals, not strict deadlines

  33. Tip #2: Recognize the moments that motivate you

  34. Tip #3: Have a strong opinion

  35. 2. Speaking

  36. It’s scary as hell & it’s a ton of work

  37. E Speaking is the single best way to inspire and

  38. Opens up new opportunities!

  39. “That one day led to many job offers…to do bigger

    and better things… I decided to jump and go work for myself as a consultant. How? All from speaking.” http://www.donnfelker.com/the-single-best-thing-you-can-do-for-your-career/
  40. It’s “fun”!

  41. Tip #1: There’s no right or wrong way to start

  42. Tip #2: Be yourself on stage

  43. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osVpqz10UP8

  44. Tip #3: Don’t forget, we’re rooting for you

  45. 3. Mentoring

  46. So many people need this

  47. Setting up for long-term success

  48. R So rewarding to see an individual grow

  49. Tip #1: 100% expertise not required

  50. Tip #2: Advertise yourself

  51. None
  52. None
  53. & Tip #3: Provide guidance, not answers

  54. T 4. Open source

  55. You can make a huge impact

  56. A powerful way to learn

  57. An instant resume builder

  58. Tip #1: Every little bit helps

  59. Tip #2: Discussions are fine, code is better

  60. Tip #3: Be friendly!

  61. None
  62. ✍ Writing Speaking Mentoring T Open Source

  63. Remember, everyone is incredibly nice

  64. A personal thank you

  65. Thank you! dan@basecamp.com @dankim