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Azure Function Proxies and Azure API Management

Daron Yondem
December 19, 2017

Azure Function Proxies and Azure API Management

This is part of a full day Serverless training I hosted for Microsoft Turkey in Istanbul talking about Azure Function Proxies and Azure API Management.

Daron Yondem

December 19, 2017

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  1. Azure Function Proxies +
    Azure API Management
    Daron Yöndem

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  2. Why need a proxy?
    • Have multiple function apps under a single API surface.
    • Mock APIs for developers!
    • Request/Response overrides

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  3. Creating a mock api with function proxies

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  5. Creating proxies to override request/response on a 3th party API.

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  8. Running proxies locally from Visual Studio.

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  10. Build-in parameters for requests

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  11. Build-in parameters for responses

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  12. Referencing App Settings

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  13. Why Azure API Management?
    • Rate limiting
    • Access Policies
    • Caching
    • Subscriptions
    • Licensing
    • Analytics
    • Developer Portal
    • and so on…

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  14. Licensing and throttling functions with API Management

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  20. Links worth sharing
    Azure Proxies Official Documentation
    • https://aka.ms/ProxiesDocs
    OpenAPI (Swagger) export from Azure Functions
    • https://goo.gl/LWbFmH

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  21. Thanks
    http://daron.me | @daronyondem
    Download slides here;

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