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Skyrocketing Developer Velocity

Skyrocketing Developer Velocity

This session is about the human and technical aspects of improving developer velocity discussions covering both human capital and AI-related topics.

Daron Yondem

December 18, 2022

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  1. Why? • Decreasing costs • Quicker go to market •

    Lowering complexity • Expanding organiztional know-how • Investing in the human capital
  2. 9. Team characteristics 10. Product Management 11. Organizational agility 12.

    Culture 13. Talent management Organizational enablement 5. Engineering practices 6. Security and compliance 7. Open source, inner source 8. Agile team practices Working practices 1. Architecture 2. Infrastructure and platform 3. Testing 4. Tools Technology 46 different drivers across 13 dimensions Developer Velocity Thought Leadership
  3. Materializing the future… • AI based pair programming • NLP

    based prototyping • Product Telemetry based experimentation
  4. OpenAI Codex Model OpenAI Codex Model GitHub Private code Provide

    editor context Provide suggestions Improve suggestions Public code and text on the internet