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Serverless .NET 6 with Azure Functions

Serverless .NET 6 with Azure Functions

This is the deck I have used at DotNet Conf 2021 Turkey.

Daron Yondem

November 27, 2021

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  1. Azure Functions Run code when events occur Event-driven scaling No

    infrastructure management Consumption pricing with free grant
  2. • Availability zones (Premium Functions Apps) • OpenAPI extension •

    New Durable Functions backends • Microsoft SQL (DurableTask.SqlServer) • Netherite (Event Hubs and Faster) G A P R E V I E W P R E V I E W
  3. • Updates to popular extensions • Blobs, Queues, Event Hubs,

    Event Grid, Service Bus • Supports identity-based connections • New extension: Azure Web PubSub • .NET 6 support in Azure Functions 🎉 G A G A G A
  4. In-process • Migrate from .NET 5 isolated process • Durable

    Functions coming to isolated process in 2022 Isolated process • Migrate from .NET Core 3.1 in-process to .NET 6 • Need Durable Functions