HTML5 Mobile Apps Don't Have To Suck

D2ce35e4e0518f19f771ade302e43a66?s=47 Dave Arel
October 23, 2013

HTML5 Mobile Apps Don't Have To Suck

Sometimes, you've got to rock the boat to keep it from sinking. Belly's decision to scrap their native iPad app and build an HTML5 app was a risky move but proved to be one of the best decisions the startup has made. While mobile web is considered a harsh environment with low processing power, a few key techniques can be used to get the best performance out of your application. Belly's unique deployment platform, built on Phonegap's mobile framework, enables instantaneous software updates to any or all devices; making A/B testing a breeze. In this talk, Dave Arel will discuss how to build fast, proficient, native-like HTML5 mobile applications, and the enormous benefit it surely brings.


Dave Arel

October 23, 2013