Demolishing myths about Drupal

Demolishing myths about Drupal

Talk about FLOSS, PHP-based projects and Drupal. Less NIH, More PFE: Demolishing myths about Drupal - Modern Web Event by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) - June 2017


  1. Less NIH, More PFE Demolishing myths about Drupal

  2. It’s me @davidjguru

  3. this. drupal

  4. Focus & Scope Well, well, well… wait a minute Drupal,

    hell, sucks really? X X X X X X X X
  5. 1- Technical bias 2- General Purpose vs. Specific Purpose 3-

    Orientation to standards Possible reasons:
  6. If I had to start from scratch... ...what about the

    big picture? And so on, and so on...
  7. Well, this is embarrassing... Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, WIX, symfony, laravel,

  8. so, How can I decide?

  9. IMHO, There are three fundamental questions that you must solve

    by researching (little by little) 1- How much effort will it take to learn this technology? 2- What use can I give to this learning? 3- What is the future of this platform? ok, there we go! ->
  10. Vanity Metrics vs. Observations - more of 30K modules/plugins/extensions/whatever! -

    more of 100K registered users! - more of 2 millions downloads! - 89% of the web uses this technology! - important websites using this platform! - include advanced features! - the next big thing! Without repeating features? Active users? Yes? I downloaded the same many times… Can many people be wrong? Of course, Indeed, well, yes, always Yes? It is true? YAWN Let's talk seriously ->
  11. PHP & Standards Recommend ations PROCEDURAL VS OOP MVC PSR

    CODING don’t repeat yourself comment, comment, comment
  12. Community dynamics Centralized vs distributed documentation Support channels Patches and

    solutions Events and Training easy to get involved? Drupical
  13. please, tell me about the future doctrine dependencies Headless BigPipe

  14. CONCLUSIONS? 1- In the frame of FLOSS, everything is much

    easier 2- It’s better learning in standardized environments 3- Drupal has a number of important advantages 4- It’s important to get involved
  15. ing-web-pages-for-high-performance/389414033919 -swiss-army-knife some recommendations: Thank

    you for your time and I hope to see you at: SevillaDevelopers sevilladevelopersjobs DrupalSevilla