How to write well designed imports with Symfony

How to write well designed imports with Symfony

Importing data into an application is a common task through different fields. Since imports are often running in the background, they tend to be forgotten, until things break or don't meet requirements anymore, that is. Let's bring these import scripts out of the shadows and cast some light on how to improve them.

In this talk we will look at a few ways to write imports, from barebone scripts to an elaborate import domain utilizing all the bells and whistles provided by modern frameworks. We will discuss what to look out for when designing and improving them and build a checklist of things to consider before getting started. Hopefully, by the end of the talk you are motivated to look at the imports hidden away in your projects and are motivated to improve them, before things break, write better imports in the future or just give you the good feeling that you are already on the right track.


Denis Brumann

October 24, 2019