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Using huge text in Deckset

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February 20, 2017

Using huge text in Deckset

An example presentation that shows how to make presentations with gigantic test in Deckset, a Mac app that turns simple Markdown files into beautiful presentations.

Find out more on http://www.decksetapp.com



February 20, 2017


  1. Do you like your text really

  2. really

  3. BIG?

  4. Deckset has something for you…

  5. Here is The lowdown

  6. 1

  7. Add [fit]

  8. To the start of any headline

  9. (After the hash & before the headline) Like so: #

    [fit] Your awesome headline
  10. 2

  11. Only use Headlines Start it with a # — no

    Paragraphs or lists within your slide
  12. If you do add something else, other than a headline…

    We will assume you have more to say and we ignore the [fit] text as it would be pretty weird to squish so much stuff on a slide.
  13. 3

  14. Go forth and create:

  15. Impact

  16. &

  17. Focus