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Deckset in Education

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February 20, 2017

Deckset in Education

Preparing slides for your class doesn’t have to be an endless chore. In this example presentation, we’re going to show you a few Deckset features that will help you get the most out of your slides.

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February 20, 2017


  1. Deckset in Educa.on © Unsigned Integer UG 1

  2. Preparing slides for your class doesn’t have to be an

    endless chore. Here are a few Deckset features that will help you get the most out of your slides. © Unsigned Integer UG 2
  3. Footers and Slide Numbers Include persistent custom footers and/or running

    slide numbers by using direc6ves: footer: © Unsigned Integer UG, 2014 slidenumbers: true Make sure the two direc0ves start on the first line of your markdown file, and ensure there are no empty lines between the two. © Unsigned Integer UG 3
  4. Footnotes Manage your footnotes1 directly where you need them. Alongside

    numbers, you can also use text referencesSample Footnote. Include footnotes by inser1ng[^Your Footnote] within the text. The accompanying reference can appear anywhere in the document: [^Your Footnote]: Full reference here Sample Footnote This is the second footnote reference 1 This is the first footnote reference © Unsigned Integer UG 4
  5. Footnotes Footnote references need to be unique in the markdown

    file. This means, that you can also reference footnotes from any slide, no ma7er where they are defined. When there are mul,ple references are listed, they must all be separated by blanks lines. © Unsigned Integer UG 5
  6. Nested Lists • You can create nested lists 1. by

    inden4ng 2. each item with 3. 4 spaces • It’s that simple © Unsigned Integer UG 6
  7. Links Create links to any external resource—like a website—by wrapping

    link text in square brackets, followed immediately by a set of regular parentheses containing the URL where you want the link to point: ‘[a website](http://www.decksetapp.com)’ Your links will be clickable in exported PDFs as well! © Unsigned Integer UG 7
  8. Display formulas Easily include mathema0cal formulas by enclosing TeX commands

    in $$ delimiters. Deckset uses MathJax to translate TeX commands into beau0ful vector graphics. Formula support is available as in-app purchase. See the next slide for an example. © Unsigned Integer UG 8
  9. Schrödinger equa/on The simplest way to write the 0me-independent Schrödinger

    equa0on is , however, with the Hamiltonian operator expanded it becomes: © Unsigned Integer UG 9
  10. Cap$oned Images and Videos Easily create cap-ons using [inline] images/videos

    with text underneath. © Unsigned Integer UG 10
  11. Plus: • PDF export for printed handouts • Speaker notes

    and rehearsal mode • Switch theme and ra:o on the fly • Animated GIFs for cheap wins and LOLs :-) © Unsigned Integer UG 11