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Working with images in Deckset

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February 20, 2017

Working with images in Deckset

An example presentation that showcases one of the many ways how you can work with images in your Deckset presentation.

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February 20, 2017


  1. Working with images Deckset has eight great ways to work

    with images
  2. Deckset works with both local and web images. Simply drop

    one onto the Deckset window and the Markdown is automatically created and copied to the clipboard.
  3. You can also add an image by typing the standard

    Markdown syntax: ![](your image.jpg)
  4. Deckset uses eight modifiers to adjust images: 1. Fill is

    the default behaviour 2. [Fit] an image to your slide 3. [x%] scale an image 4. [Left] aligned 5. [Right] aligned 6. [Inline] within text 7. [Filtered] adds a filter 8. [Original] removes a filter
  5. An image fills the whole slide by default.

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  7. If text and images are used together, the image is

    filtered so the text is always readable. Each theme uses a unique filter!
  8. Want to see the whole image? Add 'fit' between the

    brackets: [fit], and the image scales to fit the slide.
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  10. Scale to an exact size using a percentage: [15%]

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  12. Move an image to the [left].

  13. Or move it to the [right].

  14. Sometimes you might need more than one image on a

    slide… Combine a [left] and a [right] image.
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  16. If two isn’t enough, you can add as many images

    as you like We divide the slide horizontally according to the number of images, then fill each space with an image.
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  18. To combine text and images, add ‘inline’ to the brackets:

    [inline]. All inline images are centered, and fit the available space by default.
  19. [Inline] images can be moved by using [inline, left] or

    [inline, right].
  20. Create grids by using multiple lines of [inline, fill] images.

  21. Add text underneath an [inline] image for dead simple image

    + caption slides.
  22. When used within a line of text [inline] images fit

    to the height of the text .
  23. Apply a filter to any image with [filtered].

  24. On text and image slides filters can be overridden with

    [original] if they are not needed.
  25. Get creative by combining a few effects:

  26. Works great with logos:

  27. You can create magazine-like layouts: