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Front-end for Java developers Devoxx France 2018

Front-end for Java developers Devoxx France 2018

Slides from my Devoxx France 2018 talk, about frontend stack for Java developers


Deepu K Sasidharan

April 20, 2018


  1. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 By Deepu K Sasidharan, XebiaLabs April 20,

    2018 Frontend stack for Java Developers
  2. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 About Me Javascript Evangelist Co-lead Senior product

    developer Robotics & Astronomy enthusiast https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/full-stack-development-jhipster
  3. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 About XebiaLabs

  4. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 What about you? How many folks are

    Java developers? How many are web developers? Who likes JavaScript? Who likes TypeScript better? Are you a fan of: Angular React Vue.js
  5. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 Today’s Agenda • Why most Java developers

    hate frontend • Myths about the frontend landscape • How to make Java developers like JavaScript • History of Angular, React & VueJS • My favorite and not-so-favorite features • Kickstarting Angular and React • An optimal stack for Java developers • Using JHipster to kickstart • Recommendations
  6. Why most Java developers hate frontend?

  7. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 Frontend options 7 years ago =

  8. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 The Rise of MV* Frameworks

  9. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018

  10. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 “Yet Another Framework Syndrome”

  11. Myths about the frontend landscape

  12. JavaScript sucks/CSS sucks JavaScript is not even a real language

    JavaScript is not powerful enough
  13. Frameworks disappear overnight There are too many frameworks and Libraries

    to learn What I learn might be obsolete next week
  14. How to make Java developers like(love) JavaScript

  15. None
  16. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 What is TypeScript A strict syntactical superset

    of JavaScript(upto ES2018(ES9)) Optional static typing support Transpiles to JavaScript Maintained by Microsoft with major collaboration from Google Great editor and IDE support
  17. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 TypeScript features Static type checking, Type inference,

    Type aliasing Union, Intersection, Function and Hybrid types Generics, Decorators(a.k.a annotations), Mixins(a.k.a traits) Interface, Enum, Tuple support Private, optional, readonly properties JSX support, JS type checking and more
  18. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018

  19. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018

  20. Brief History of Angular, React & Vue.Js

  21. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 The History of Angular Started as AngularJS

    in 2009 by Miško Hevery GWT == 3 developers, 6 months AngularJS == 1 developer, 3 weeks Announced Angular 2, September 2014 2.0 Released in September 2016 5.0 Released November 1, 2017
  22. https://angular.io/guide/quickstart

  23. None
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  25. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 The History of React React was created

    by Jordan Walke in 2011 & Open sourced in May 2013 Inspired by XHP, an HTML components framework for PHP Within one year, had large sites Khan Academy, New York Times, Airbnb + Facebook and Instagram 16.0 released on September 26, 2017
  26. https://codepen.io/gaearon/pen/ZpvBNJ

  27. @deepu105 #DevoxxFR 2018 The History of Vue.JS Vue.Js was created

    by Evan You and released in February 2014 Borrows concepts from AngularJS and React Used by Alibaba, Baidu, Adobe, GitLab, etc. 2.5 released on October 13, 2017
  28. Hello world with VueJS

  29. My favorite and not-so-favorite features

  30. Your Favorite Angular Features?

  31. My Favorite Angular Features Dependency Injection Angular CLI Resembles Java

    MVC Frameworks Two-way Binding Components, Services, and Directives TypeScript Ionic Framework Webpack compiling TypeScript Searchability: Angular vs AngularJS Release Candidates in 2016 Testing Infrastructure Too much boilerplate code
  32. Your Favorite React Features?

  33. My Favorite React Features One way binding Virtual DOM JSX

    Flexibility Component based composability Smart & Dumb components React Native One way binding Dependency fatigue JSX Too many options for state management No official style guide
  34. Your Favorite VueJS Features?

  35. My Favorite VueJS Features Two way binding Virtual DOM JSX

    is supported Flexibility Component based composability Low learning curve Smaller community No official style guide Some library documentation are only in chinese
  36. Framework vs Library Angular = Full fledged MVVM framework React/VueJS

    = View rendering library Angular = React + Redux + React Router … (React & Friends)
  37. Let’s get the similarities out of the way All are

    component-based All are client side MVVM frameworks for building SPAs All supports server-side rendering All of them supports native mobile app development All of them requires a build tool like webpack for optimal usage All of them have comparable performance All of them are MIT licenced (Finally!) All of them support Typescript and provides official type definitions
  38. Kickstarting Angular and React

  39. None
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  42. Angular CLI vs Create React App Minimal dependencies ES6 by

    default Yarn by default 325 Lines of code (not counting README) PWA Score: 55/82 ng new app-name --minimal TypeScript by default npm by default 225 Lines of code PWA Score: 18/36 (dev/prod) ng generate component | service
  43. An optimal stack for Java developers

  44. Easy to start Flexible Typescript React Redux React router Jest

    Typescript Angular Karma Mocha Chai
  45. Using JHipster to kickstart

  46. Want to learn more about JHipster? Come to our BOF

  47. Demo Time!

  48. Recommendations

  49. Learn the Language well, Frameworks are just tools to help

  50. Recommendation If you have a lot of state: React If

    you need simplicity & clean code: VueJS If you’re familiar with Java MVC frameworks: Angular If you want the easiest to learn and lightweight framework: VueJS If you work at Facebook: React If you work at Google: Angular If you like structure and a helping hand: Angular If you like flexibility: React or VueJS
  51. Other Opinions https://medium.com/unicorn-supplies/angular-vs-react-vs-vue-a-2017-comparison-c5c52d620176 https://clockwise.software/blog/angular-vs-react-vs-vue/

  52. Other Opinions https://hackernoon.com/angular-vs-react-the-deal-breaker-7d76c04496bc

  53. https://jhipster.tech @java_hipster Full Stack Development with JHipster • Amazon: https://goo.gl/k1NBAv

    • Packt: https://goo.gl/XvQLeN ◦ Discount code: JHIPSTER50 for ebooks ◦ Discount code: JHIPSTER15 for print books
  54. Thank you!